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I thought it would be decent of me to tell anyone who hadn't already guessed that this community is on HIATUS. Potentially permanently, unless we can get some more participation. There was only 1 vote for the last challenge, which was from one of the 2 people who entered, so I won't announce the results.

Thanks for your participation during the first few challenges.
OTP. srsly.

Voting: Challenge 5

Alright, it's time to vote for Challenge 5: Black and White! We had an insanely small amount of icons this round, so if you guys want to keep this community going, please enter. If there are themes you'd like to see, just tell me!

In the mean time, the amazing people who did enter this time deserve some voting love. You're voting for first/second/third/best crop this time around. Here's a code you can use:

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Good luck! Voting closes this Friday, September 17. If anyone is willing to make banners for this challenge, comments are welcome.
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Challenge 5: Black and White

I'm feeling rather uncreative, and want to get participation back up, so I'm going with a simple challenge. Challenge 5 is to make black and white icons of whichever quadrangle pairing you want. Your icons must be COMPLETELY black and white... Not even a hint of colour!

You may make a maximum of 4 icons.

Your deadline is September 4 at midnight.

Before you enter, please read the rules.

Comment here with any questions.

OTP. srsly.

Voting: Challenge 4

Alright, it's time to vote for Challenge 4: All or Nothing! We had a very minimal amount of entries this time, and I know that's partially my fault for being totally unorganized this round, but more participation would be great for future challenges. We only ended up with 9 entries from 3 makers, so voting is going to be a little different this time... All you're voting for is best text-only, and best textless. Here's a code you can use:

One final note is that I let in some icons this round that were not quadrangle related, because of the lack of entries, but in the future, unless stated otherwise, every icon you make has to relate to Jate, Skate, Suliet or Jacket.

Here are the icons!
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