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Reminder: Challenge 4

This is your midweek reminder for Challenge 4: All or Nothing. We have 7 entries by 2 people so far, so more would be great! You have until midnight on August 7 to enter. Also, we've had 1 volunteer for banner-making, which is awesome, but if you're interested, please comment here!
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Challenge 4: All or Nothing

Alright, so it's time for Challenge 4, which is called All or Nothing. For this challenge, you'll be exploring text -- what happens when you can't use it, and what happens when it's all you can use.

In this challenge, your icons either have to have no text, or have to be "quote icons". Quote icons use NO caps from Lost... All you can use are stock images/textures, and text, to icon a quote from Lost related to one of the quadrangle pairs. For a great variety of examples of quote icons, check out this post at iconstant. Icons with no text should be fairly straight forward -- no tiny text, no text textures, no hand-written text.

You may make a maximum of 4 icons. Within those 4, you may have a maximum of 2 quote icons, and 2 textless icons. Voting will be all together, the icons are not being judged separately based on whether they have text or not.

Your deadline is August 7 at midnight. Voting will then be posted really fast, as this community will be on hiatus from August 10 - 24, because I'm going on vacation =D

Before you enter, please read the rules!

PM me or comment here with any questions.

Here are your banners for Challenge 3: Angst and Maker of the Month!


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Voting: Challenge 3

Alright, it's time to vote for Challenge 3!

Here are the beautiful entries for Challenge 3: Angst. Thanks to everyone who entered... Your entries are gorgeous! This time, you're voting for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and best angst (which icon makes the best use of the theme and creates a really angst icon?). Here's a form to fill out.

<b>First Place:</b> #
<b>Second Place:</b> #
<b>Third Place:</b> #
<b>Best Angst:</b> #

-- Don't vote for yourself, or ask other people to vote for you
-- Anonymous votes are not counted
-- Please vote for every category

Comments are screened

Voting will end on Thursday July 30 at midnight.
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Challenge 3: Angst

For this challenge, you're going to be iconning your favourite quadrangle couple while they are on not such good terms with each other. Yes, the theme of challenge 3 is angst.

You may make a maximum of 4 icons. All your icons do not have to be of the same couple. The deadline is Monday, July 20 at midnight.

You can use any caps you want... 2 good sources are dj_capslock  and Lost media.

Before you post, please read the rules!

PM me or comment here if you have any questions.
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Challenge 2: Results and Banners!

I tried posting this last night, and the HTML TOTALLY screwed up, so let's hope it works this time!
Here are the results for Challenge 2: Blending. Congratulations to everyone who entered... The voting was close, and all your entries were gorgeous!

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Please do not hotlink these banners... Upload them to your own server before posting them anywhere else!</div>

Congratulations! Challenge 3 will be up later today.